Cowgirl Tuff Company

Company Info

Mission Statement

The path maker that empowers, inspires and transforms our industry and believers. Through our experiences we believe anything is possible. Never Give Up!

Core Values

Do the unexpected! Go the extra mile! Always remain positive!

Team Work
Working hand-in-hand to make a difference, helping others be successful.

Be Respectful
Be sensitive to the needs of others. Accept each other's differences and appreciate their efforts.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Have fun giving 110% in everything you do and celebrate your successes. Take pride in what you do!

Believe in Yourself!
Believe in yourself and share you unique talents.

Brand Vision

To create an ever-evolving fashionable product with an unbelievable fit that empowers everyone to be confident. We are the path makers who believe in inspiring the spirit of generosity. We will make a difference in the world.

Our Address

B. Tuff Jeans
185 Swendra Blvd. NE
Cokato, Minnesota 55321


Lisa Bollin, CEO/Director of Design for Cowgirl Tuff Company & B.Tuff Jeans

In 1999 Lisa Bollin, CEO and Director of Design started her journey with what you all know today as Cowgirl Tuff Company. With the success of Cowgirl Tuff Company, Lisa decided to start making the men in a women's life fashionable as well. Launched in 2011 was a new men's line that you all know today as B. Tuff Jeans. The jeans are developed with and unbeatable fit and design by paying attention to detail and using high quality denim for comfort. They're built to stand up to the real life work of the outdoorsman, extreme sportsman, serviceman, cowboy, music lover and everyday man all while making you feel good and look good. As Lisa would say, "These are the jeans for guys why don't mind looking good and the women who want their man to look good."

Most wouldn't know Cowgirl Tuff Company and B. Tuff Jeans is a Minnesota based company run by a woman. Lisa's journey has been a dream come true. She has hit bumps along the way, but it has only helped build this company and goes right along with the way she lives her motto: "Even though you've been bucked, kicked, bit & stomped... NEVER GIVE UP!"

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